Overnight Strawberry - Chocolate Oats

Overnight Strawberry - Chocolate Oats

Posted on April 17, 2021

Chill, creamy and yummy overnight oats with fresh strawberry chunks and chocolate flavor! Needing only in 3' to make the night before, these overnight oats are a great choice for a healthy yet delicious breakfast, waiting ready to be served in your fridge! If you have tasteful, sweet and juicy strawberries and you love oats (like me!) you really have to try this out! And of course the kids also love them!!

I love oats in every kind of recipe! They are so healthy and nutritious, plus they give such a texture. Therefore I try to use them as often I can. And of course I love oatmeals! They are creamy and can get really every flavour I want! I really like to cook an oatmeal, but now that the weather is warming I prefer a chilled overnight oat! I love that all overnight oats need a couple of minutes to add and stir all ingredients the night before and then, the next morning a healthy and delicious breakfast is waiting in the fridge!


The overnight oat can get any ingredient and flavor you like but the base is the following: oats and milk that are stirred, sealed in a jar and left in the refrigerator overnight (or at least for 3 hours) to soak and become creamy. Then the flavor and texture options are endless: fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, nut/seed butter, sweetener, vanilla extract, cocoa, chocolate chips. For this spring version I chose on of my favorite flavor combos: strawberry and chocolate. The ingredients for this overnight oats are: cocoa. honey (for vegan version agave or maple syrup), oat flakes, greek yogurt (or a vegan yogurt for vegan version), chia seeds, milk (I used almond milk, but you can use whichever you like) and fresh, chopped strawberries.


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Choose an airtight container or sealable jar and start my dissolving the cocoa and the honey with a pinch of boiled water. The boiled water is needed only to dissolve the cocoa and melt the honey, else you may end up with cocoa lumps and oat sticked together with honey. Start with one tablespoon of boiled water and if cocoa is not dissolved add one teaspoon more. Do not add a big amount of water, else your oatmeal will end up runny. If accidentally you added a lot of water, just reduce respectively the milk portion in the next step.


Now it is time to add the oat flakes, the chia seeds, the greek yogurt and the milk. Stir them with a spoon until combined.

Strawberry_Chocolate_Oats_adding_Oats_Chia_and_Yogurt.jpg Strawberry_Chocolate_Oats_adding_Milk_and_Stiring.jpg

Finally fold in the chopped strawberries. Seal the jar or your container and transfer to the refrigerator to soak and chill. Let soak at least for 3 hours or overnight for best experience.


Once creamy and chilled remove from the refrigerator and top if wanted with extra slices of fresh strawberries, chocolate chips or chopped nuts and enjoy!

Strawberry_Chocolate_Oats_from_front_main_cup Strawberry_Chocolate_Overnight_Oats_From_Above.jpg Strawberry_Chocolate_Oats_Ingredients_with_Spoon
Overnight Strawberry - Chocolate Oats

Overnight Strawberry - Chocolate Oats


Preparation Time

overnight chilling (at least 3 hours)

Waiting Time

Cooking Time

1 portion



  • 2 tsp cocoa powder

  • 1 tbsp honey

  • 1 tbsp boiled water

  • 1/2 cup oat flakes

  • 1 tsp chia seeds

  • 1 full tbsp greek yogurt

  • 1/2 cup milk of your choice (I use almond milk)

  • 4-5 fresh strawberries, cut in small pieces


  • In an airtight container or jar add the cocoa powder, the honey and the boiled water. Stir well with a spoon until fully dissolved and smooth. If needed add a little bit more (about 1 tsp) boiled water.

  • Add the oat flakes, the chia seeds, the greek yogurt and the milk and stir until combined.

  • Finally fold in the chopped strawberries.

  • Seal the jar or the airtight container and let soak in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours or for best results overnight.

  • Once creamy and chilled remove from the refrigerator, top if wanted with more fresh strawberries, chocolate chips or chopped nuts and enjoy!


  • For vegan version we can replace the honey with equal quantity of maple or agave syrup and the greek yogurt with a vegan yogurt of your choice.


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